Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hide and Seek

I haven't been around much and I feel really bad about it.  Unfortunately, the midwest has been hit by some crazy storms lately and I usually hate to be on the computer when it is severe outside.  Not to mention, yesterday I had my wisdom teeth removed.  Luckily, I am not in a lot of pain.  I do look like a chipmunk though!  My cheeks are swollen so I have been spending a lot of time with ice on my face. 

However, last weekend, I had a great day passing through some garage sales and thrifting downtown with my good friend Andrea.  I managed to buy two leather vintage purses, a belt, a hat pin and three dresses!  We went to an amazing vintage stores in Chicago named Seek.  I suggest if anyone is in the Chicagoland area, they go here!  I wanted to buy so much but, limited myself to the three dresses and the belt.

Dress: Vintage from Seek
Necklace: refurbished (by my brother) heart watch pendant from the 1970s
Bracelets: gift from a co-worker (from India)
Shoes: Seychelles

 Dress: vintage from Seek
Necklace: refurbished (by my brother) heart watch pendant from the 1970s
Belt: thrifted
Heels: Jessica Simpson

Coach purse from a garage sale for $12

Dooney & Burke cross-body purse thrifted for $25.  

 Belt from Seek

 Bird hat pin.  Thrifted for $1


eleanor said...

gorgeous dresses, you look wonderful!

oo, i hope your mouth isn't too sore :/


missmarc said...

cute finds! I love those bags & hat pin!

Justice Pirate said...

what beautiful outfits!

WILDasaMINK said...

I hear you about being 25 in the midwest and how "you should automatically be married by then"--thank god I do not live there anymore because at this point I'd be such a spinster.
But on to teh good stuff--you made out like a bandit with those two bags you got...SCORE! I love the peach dress in the first photos, and the belt in the second photos. Hope your swelling goes down and your gums heal up just fine (I once had my wisdom teeth cut out when I was 16 and I've got some nightmare stories about that...I'll spare you until you're all healed, I wouldn't want to scare you)

Lilpixie said...

Love your pink dress

Anonymous said...

Somehow I stumbled across your adorable blog (so cute!) and wanted to say hi...I am also married to an architect and we live with our kitty (Mabel).

Nice to "meet you"



Danielle said...

Adorable dress! You really lucked out with those two bags.

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

cool seagull hat pin! nice finds :)

Lisa said...

That peach dress is perfection!

Passport Smiles said...

I really love your thrift finds. And I love the title and header image of your blog. The name for owl in French is so cute.

Leilani said...

How funny, I live down the street from Seek (there's also a store named Very Best Vintage also on Chicago Ave). Let me know the next time you come to the city to vintage shop!