Thursday, July 1, 2010

This is my first post since I had my wisdom teeth removed last Friday.  Oddly, Tieka from Selective Potential had hers done the same day.  I wrote her immediately to share horror stories but, hers was much worse!  So everyone should send their love to her!  Luckily, my experience was not as traumatic as Tieka's.  Still painful nonetheless and the swelling has finally gone down enough for me to be OK with taking post photos.

I am starting to get embarassed at the horrible fuzziness my camera creates.  I am convinced that I threw off the lens when we took our honeymoon in California.  I dropped my backpack while hiking through Yosemite and I heard a big 'clunk' as my camera bag was on the bottom.  I would go get it fixed but, I think at this point it isn't worth it.  I may as well just replace it.  I keep telling my husband that as soon as he gets a permanent job, I am buying one!  I am not sure which one yet but, I am really happy with my dad's Pentax.  Any suggestions on an SLR camera would help!

Cardigan: Target
Dress: Libertine
Necklace: Refurbished pendant watch from my brother
Gold Heels: Aldo


tess said...

cute shoes and congrats on surviving the wisdom teeth, no fun.I have yet to get mine out, but I'm kinda freaked now

thanks for your comment on my Twilight post. I only enjoy the movies because I hardly take them seriously. I recognize they're so contrived and melodramatic, but it can be quite funny if you recognize that. This movie was much better made, it had some style to it and actual pace. A good balance between humor, romance, and action.

Nicole said...

What a lovely dress! Sorry that you had to deal with having your wisdom teeth out :(

kate maggie said...

Aw! Im sorry that you had to get your teeth out..I hope that you're feeling better. You look beautiful if that makes you feel any better. This dress is super cute! x

rebecca said...

I love your dress! And it must have been so painful :( At least it's done though!

Justice Pirate said...

I got mine taken out 3 weeks ago. What fun! Seems like all the bloggers are doing it lately haha. It was really hard on me since I have two kids. It was nice to see my husband doing SOMETHING for once haha.

Love this outfit a lot! It is beautiful.

Danielle said...

Oh I hope you're feeling better! This outfit is adorable, though :)

Leproust Vintage said...

ohhhhh girl, you look amazing for just having your wisdom teeth out! I remember it being quite miserable! I hope that you are recuperating and resting! :)

agnes said...

I love your dress Libertine