Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Hair and a Giveaway

So, I have been super busy and I completely apologize for not posting regularly.  My job sent me on a brief trip to NYC this week and I have been struggling to catch up ever since. 

However, today I got a haircut.  It is pretty edgy for me.  I haven't had an edgy haircut since I was probably in highschool.  I have a tendancy to be pretty extreme with my haircuts (that is when I do get my hair cut).  When I was 17, I went from having long hair that ended somewhere in the middle of back to a pixie cut with long front bangs.  When I was 20, I dyed my hair pitch black and parted it down the middle ala Jap-anime character-style.  Most recently, I chopped off my hair into fringe...myself.  So I suppose cutting my hair into the below style isn't that out of character. 

Cardigan: F21
Necklace: ModCloth
Dress: from Mel's online store!
Leggings: DKNY
Boots: Target
(Ignore the creppy no-makeup look)

Ok, ok!  Giveaway!  So I know I mentioned it.  This dress is my giveaway!  I bought it at an antique store called The General Store on Union in Orland Park, IL.  I actually love it but it is a bit too snug.  I would say it is a true size 4... so it is a bit small and I had to fix the zipper which was coming unsewn from the fabric.  So if you want it.... comment!


Kir said...

That's such an adorable dress?
Do you know the bust/waist/hips measurements?

Kir said...

Ah, that wasn't supposed to be a question mark on the first sentence. I always accidently do a question mark instead of an exclamation point. Haha.

~HM~ said...

Very cute dress, love the color. And love the new hair cut! Thanks for offering the giveaway! :)

idée_géniale said...

1. Cute hair! I love it. I'm way too afraid to do anything to mine these days, even my last trim at the salon ended up with me not being so happy because it looks alot shorter!! But oh well, it'll grow eventually.

2. Great giveaway! Love dresses, this one is great. fingers crossed.

3. So happy you like the dress! It looks great on you! Still dissapointed that we didn't get a chance to meet in nyc. said...

i LOVE you hair. think it looks great on you...and your outfit too. fun you got to take a trip to NYC, too bad it got ya all behind in life though (totally know how that goes). i'm afraid that other dress wouldn't fit me if it's snug on you, i'm a girl with a booty so i have trouble with some shift dresses.

i wish i would've had you with me at the old abandoned home yesterday so we could've gone in together...fearless!

WILDasaMINK said...

I love the new haircut; I think you and I are very similar in the extremes we take w/our hair, I did pretty much all those same things to my hair when i was in high school too. I was not one for going gradual, If I wanted dark hair, who cares that on a Tuesday my hair was Blonde and Wednesday I was going to school w/black hair. And I also chopped off my long locks on a weekday to show up the next day w/a pixie cut (something I surely found in a Delia's catalog because those girls had the best hair circa 1997).

Anyway, the hair looks good! I like the new fringe (sorry I still call it bangs, so I always feel silly calling it "fringe" even though that's the cooler more modern term for it).

And the giveaway-cute dress, enter me please :)

Leilani said...

Aw too bad the dress didn't suit you, it's super adorable & was a good bargain! How did the other dress fit?

Also, when were you in NYC? I went last week for four days and had a blast.

Meaghan Kelly said...

Ok first off your edgy hair cut suits you so well! I love it! And secondly I love the dress! Count me in for this giveaway! :D I'm off to retweet it right away!