Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Fashion Archive and Resolution Part II

So, as mentioned in my prior posts, I made a New Years resolution to give some love to the barely worn items in my closet.  I am not going to lie, this resolution is not easy!  There is a reason these items are left in my closet!

Today I chose a pair of pants that I actually used to wear a lot.  This was in between my Target manager phase (yes, I was a Target manager in the softlines department) where Red and Khaki were only allowed and my current skirt/dress obsession.  This was clearly a transition phase.  Naturally, I went from khakis to dress pants as I started my office career.  These pants had been bought for me by my Mother who is very fashionable in her own right.  However, when she bought them for me, I weighed a meer 105lbs and didn't have a behind as I do today at 27 years old.  BUT 5 years later, they still fit!  So I guess that is good.

Sweater: Target
Blouse: UO
Necklace: Modcloth
Slacks: Gift from my mom (they are Kenra though)
Heels: Jessica Simpson

Now, I wanted to add something else and this just may out me as a complete fashion nerd.  I mean, I am OK with that because I am in fact a complete fashion nerd.  Behold...The Fashion Binder.

As a reference to the above Target remark, I had access to many fashion magazines.  In fact, I was encouraged to keep up with fashion in order to drive sales by positioning fashionable clothes on my salesfloor.  So, I took this to heart by starting a fashion binder.  It started in Fall of 2006 by clipping out outfits, shoes, accessories, and beauty from almost every fashion magazine available to me and pasting them into a binder.  So, I wanted to share because even though I no longer need to binder to drive sales in my softlines department, I keep it as a reference when I draw a complete blank on what to wear (if you notice on some of the pictures there are marked stars...this means I own a similar piece in my closet).




Francy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love the trousers. They're so simple and chic. I used to keep clippings as well, just for fun. It's good inspiration!


Aya Smith said...

Those trousers are amazing! SO classic, you could probably wear them the rest of your life!

Spotting the oxfords in the collages too, melts me!! I looove oxfords..

Oh yes, I wanted to say that meeting up is a great idea!!! Maybe in February we can make a shopping date :))

The Owl's Closet said...

hi, lara! happy new year! thx for dropping by my blog:) im loving urs:D looks like we have a similar resolution. i'm trying to shop from my closet more this year, but i have to admit, it's very very hard sometimes LOL u look great in ur outfit:D love ur trousers!

so awesome that u keep up with ur fashion binder:D i was just thinking about starting one, too:)

p.s. i just love how u blew up pictures from ur honeymoon in yosemite! what a wonderful idea:D


Jodi said...

I love the idea of the fashion binder :) I just may have to start one of my own

vanessa said...

That is a good resolution, maybe I need to do the same thing!

And I recommend everyone trying out goats, they really are so fun and funny too! You get goats and I'll get a cat.