Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Mother in 1970s Chicago

My mom was really fashionable.  I can say that with no hesitation.  Even to this day she is always up on the new trends.  But since everyone had recently been posting pictures of their mothers, I thought I would follow suit.  While I was over for Thanksgiving, I quickly scrounged through my mom's completely unorganized photobox for any pictures I found suitable for a post.  My mom actually thought the idea of me posting old pictures of her was cool.  I couldn't find any full length photos but I did find these three that I thought were pretty cool because each is from a completely different part of the 70s.

My mom at 21 in 1971.  Yes, that is my dad and it is probably the only time in his life where he didn't have the same haircut as he has today.  Oh so 70s locks of hair!  And my mom's dress is fabulous!

My mom was an artist and always had a Twiggy obsession (she now has a bathroom in the house devoted to Twiggy and London Style) hence, the short hair.  My dad took this picture. He was a photographer in college.  I am in love with her sunglasses....but I can't pull off aviators!

My father was now well into his photography years as you can tell from this picture which my mom thinks is 1977.  This is proably the longest I have ever seen my mom's hair.

Half of me.  I wonder if I look more like my mom or my dad.... ?



Leah said...

You look like your mom. She is fabulous.

hannah said...

she's beautiful! love the frilly dress she's got. my dad had some wack 70s hair too haha

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

i love this post. :) that first picture of your parents is my favorite, they were both such beautiful people! your mom skin looks flawless and oh, that cute frilly dress.....too bad she doesn't own that still.

Hannah said...

You're mum was so pretty! I can definitely see that you're her daughter. It sounds horrible but I sometimes forget that my parents were once young too. It's always such a shock to look through their old photos and see how things used to be.