Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Inspired by The Clothes Horse

I don't follow many blogs (really just the ones listed on my site). It might be because I just dont have the time or maybe because I am just lazy at perusing the blog circut, I dont know but, the blogs I do follow really inspire me. This week, I am truely inspired by an older post of a blog called The Clothes Horse. I am not sure of her name but I love her posts.

Recently she had a post involving a Forever 21 version of Doc Martens. That post really made me think of when I started high school (I have a feeling I am older than a lot of bloggers but this was in 1997). Doc Martens were so incredibly popular! I have three pairs, all in different colors. I had black ones (which I still own), maroon ones (which i also still own) and print flower ones that I ruined from wearing too much. I really got inspired to wear them I just haven't figured out how to fit them into my wardrobe. I shared this inspiration with my husband and he thought I was nuts. I guess they are just a bit too grunge for his slightly metrosexual architecture self. :D

I think the Doc Marten style of late 1990s can best be described in one word: Amelie. Who isn't inspired by her? I think it was Amelie who got me into dresses again

Maybe I will get gutsy enough to wear mine again. They have been with me longer than my cat, any of my clothing and even my husband....I have had my Doc Martens for 12 years...


A Thought Is The Blossom said...

Hello dear!
You should definitely bust out your doc's. They are very, very trendy right now. I'd say for inspiration go to or

Both sites are a great source of inspiration. And btw, the clothes horse's name is Rebbecca. She really is an inspiration to us all!

Oh ... I haven't seen Amelie but I always read about it on blogs and I now that I really need to. Audrey Tautou is such a beauty!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love the Docs with the red skirt. Amelie did dress so well...I need to re-watch that movie and freshen up my mental images of Audrey. :)