Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The day I almost got a ticket....

So today, I was driving home and took a short cut (that I convienently just discovered 2 days ago) and I sped. I didn't really mean it. I am not a speeder. I am one of those people who average 65 on the expressway where the speed limit is coincidentally 65. It has just never really been my thing. But, at times, I don't realize my speed in neighborhoods. In Chicago, depsite the fact that I lived approximately one block from a major Police station, everyone went 40 down the side streets.....including the police officers themselves. However, this is not common in the suburbs. I haven't quite decided if it is because people care more about someone getting hit or if they just don't have the ability to control their kids from running every which way into the street (believe me, sometimes I lean towards the latter explaination).

Regardless, I flew by a parked police car at 32 mile per hour in a 20 MPH zone. It wasn't that I was racing....in fact, I even slowed down when I saw him but, he got me. I just totally forgot the one downfall of my shortcut: really slow speed limit (and it is NOT a school zone). Oddly, the officer didn't even pull me over until I was already in my driveway, which I thought was sort of odd but, upon looking at my record, he noticed I have never had a ticket in the 10 years I have been driving and he let me go with a stern warning (not a written warning because apparently, they don't do those out in boondock burbs).

Well, with adrenaline pumping, my plan for my first outfit of the day shot turned out less than par but, I shall post it anyways.


Top: Thrift Store

Skirt: Simply Vera Wang from Kohls!

Necklace: Thrift Store

Shoes: Crown Vintage from London

Chair: The Herman Miller!

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