Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Parlor Cat

My obsession with anything historical has run into pretty much every aspect of my life since I was a little girl. So it is not surprising that I own a coffee table book called ‘Parlor Cats’. My mother bought it for me years ago when we owned our first Persian cat, Taffy. Taffy was a poufy little thing that loved to be help, doted a belled collar and was an indoor cat; a Parlor Cat, for all intensive purposes.

Most recently, I reserved my own Persian cat (since our current puffy feline, Willow, can not come with me to my new house; she is the family cat) and I promptly named her Madeline. Maddy for short. She too, is a puffy, furry, Persian tortoiseshell cat that already shows promise of Parlor Cat status. I won’t get her until July when she has had her shots and is litter trained. What a long wait that is….

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Meaghan Kelly said...

ahh! this is so cute!!!! Taffy sounds like a pretty lovely kitty as well!!!!