Friday, October 14, 2011

The Road To Recovery...

When I was pregnant, I received a lot of flack for working out strenuously 4 days a week.  I took spin classes, practices vinyasa yoga, weight lifted and ran through my 6th month and only dropped running and spin class (which I replaced with 35 minutes on the recumbent bike) after the 6th month.  I continued until 2 weeks before I gave birth and I have to say that I lot of people weren't too fond of my decision to do so.  I often got lectured on it but, I continued anyways.  After all, my doctor said it was fine to do so.  I had no issues during my pregnancy...not even so much as elevated BP. 

And I am lucky I did exercise because my recovery has been amazing.  At 1 week postpartum, I was back down to weighing only 6 lbs more than my pre-pregnancy weight and today at 4 weeks, I weigh 2 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight...with no exercise.  Yes, much of it has to do with being on the go a lot and eating while doing so but, I find it amazing that I have made it to this point.

1 Week Postpartum

 4 Weeks Postpartum

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