Monday, October 31, 2011

And its Halloween!

I cannot believe that we are already entering November.  That means Jonas is nearly 2 months old!  It seems like it has gone by so fast in retrospect but so slow in the present.  As I sit here handing out candy to the children in the neighborhood, I can't help but think, "Wow, next year we'll be taking Jonas out!" and that notion blows my mind.  My neighbors came by with their 14 month old daughter and I know that will be Jonas next year.

We didn't really dress Jonas up, per se.  He has a monster onesie and matching hat so that was his "costume".  Originally, I wanted to buy him a bunting costume that was a ketchup packet.  Frankly, I found it hilarious.  But, my husband didn't see the point in spending $30 with shipping for something no one will see (other than in pictures).  I realized after a quick pouting session (I really thought the ketchup packet was awesome), that he was perhaps right and we should save the big gun costume for next year.  And in all honesty, he looked pretty darn cute as a monster.  Not to mention, because I happen to dress him everyday, he'll wear that onesie past Halloween because I think its darn cute.

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