Saturday, August 27, 2011


Last night was my 10 year high school reunion.  Wow.  10 years!  I feel bad because I didn't take a single picture nor was I in any pictures with anyone there but, I had a great time.  The great thing about it is was that it was my husband's reunion too.  We actually graduated together in the same year but, because our class was so large, we didn't know each other.  Yes, I knew of him but, we weren't friends or anything.  It was nice to go and see people we both knew in a time in our lives that was so distinctly different (he was in hockey and tech prep, I was in choir and honors....way different sides of world at our school).

So, I thought it would be sort of cool to share this dorky little questionnaire I found on a website about how you change (or not change) in 10 years!

Residence: HS? In Franfkort with parents.  Now? In Frankfort with husband (in my defense, we lived in Chicago for 4.5 years!)
Job: HS? Assistant Mgr at Marcus Theaters.  Now? Ecomm Marketing Associate
Pets: HS? Parents cat, Willlow.  Now? Our cat, Madeline
Love: HS? Boyfriend.  Now? Husband
Music Selection: HS? Ska, Punk and Rock.  Now? Anything by Rap but mostly Indie.
Activities: HS? Choir.  Now? Yoga and working out.
Biggest Fear: HS? Failing at becoming a doctor.  Now? Currently, birthing Baby Owl!
Biggest Accomplishment: HS? Being the Wench in Madrigals.  Now? Having a successful life and career.

Oh, and just to add on one little note....Yes, I wore heels to my reunion and they were these fabulous Calvin Klein numbers!

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Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

oh how fun! My husband graduated in '01 and his is in November. I'm a little excited about it (I went to high school with him and graduated in '02). That's a pity that you didn't take photos. THat's cute that you graduated together. I wish I did but I missed the cut-off date by 3 days so I should have really have been in his class (your class??)

That's great that you did choir in honors.