Friday, May 14, 2010

To descend down again...

Ok, so I am a little bummed.  I apologize ahead of time for my pessimism.  Its just... my husband was working a contract job with my company.  We ate lunch together everyday, drove in together everyday and had fun talking the same corporate language for 4 months.  And now his contract it up........and he is once again unemployed.  Now, I am not ungrateful.  Far from, to be honest.  I am extremely humbled by the generosity and opportunity people from my company have given our little family.  We were able to save a lot of money that would not have had.  We got to share a lot of time together at the beginning of our marriage.  And he created some great friends and links within his career network.  For that, I am ecstatic about.  I just wish he didn't end.  I pray now he can find another job in our horrid economy....

Ok, ok.  Enough of my woes.  Onto fashion.  On a GOOD note, this amps up my thrifting need.  Maybe also some care package swap opportunities if anyone is interested!  I am always up for a good swap.  I plan on hitting the thrift stores tomorrow afternoon.  My husband will be spending the day studying for yet another (there are 7 of them) architecture exams.  I usually leave the house and go to my mom's or shop when he studies so I do not bother him.  He only has a few left and finishing them to become licensed can open up some opportunities in the job market. 

This outfit is something I threw on last minute yesterday.  I actually hopped on my blog and clicked around in the morning because I just could not figure out what to wear.  Luckily, I got some inspiration from Amanda at Off Of Broadway.  I love her style and ability to use thrifted and vintage pieces to create her style.

Cardigan: UO
Blouse: Thrifted Mint2
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Care package gift from Meaghan at left hand endeavor 
Necklace: reworked 1970s pendant watch from my brother
Heels: Faryl Robin


Leproust Vintage said...

I LOVE your hair wavy! I have been halfway absent from the blog world lately (meaning I have tried to keep up mine, but haven't had as much time as I like t read my normal reads), so when I came to your page, I thought something drastically different had changed! I scrolled down, and just realized your hair was wavy! So cute!

I am sorry to hear of your husband's contract being up. That must have been incredibly to spend a good amount of time (and take a break from work) with your husband! I used to work in the same building as mine, and I miss being able to pop in and say hi like I used to! :( You seem to have such a positive outlook on things though. I will be thinking of you!

Camilla said...

cute blog!


amanda said...

you look adorable! love that pencil skirt on you. and thanks for visiting me at my blog. it's makes my day when i find out that people get inspiration from me. for real, it does. :)