Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pastels and a Giveaway

I received this dress from Meaghan at left hand endeavor about a month ago but, I felt it was just too chilly out to wear it yet.  But somehow despite the chilly cloudy weather yesterday I just felt it was time to wear it for the first time to work.  I thought for sure that I would get some weird looks for wearing a very bright floral pastel 80's day dress but, instead I received quite a lot of compliments one of which was from my boss.  I dressed it up for the work day with some tall brown heels I own but, I am actually really excited to wear it with my brand new Toms for a more casual look.

Dress: Vintage from Meaghan at left hand endeavor
Heels: Jessica Simpson
Belt: Target

I am really excited to have another Giveaway.  I honestly find it fun to pick a winner and pack up the item all pretty to send out.  Plus, I know I love to receive packages especially if they are because I won something or organized a care package swap.  So, while searching for a good giveaway, I ran across this skirt in my closet.  I picked it up at a thrift store in Chicago when I lived there and was poor.  Its actually a Merona skirt from Target but I was lucky enough to score it when Target donated it.  I actually used to work for Target and if you didn't know, Target doesn't throw out or merchandise return its clothing.  If it never sells as clearance, it is donated to local thirft stores and clothing drives to help the community.  

The skirt is a size 4 US.  Its pretty true to that size.  I never wore it and when I bought it, it still had tags.  It has pretty tan/brown buttons and I feel it is actually pretty well made for being from a Big Box store.  

To enter the contest, just comment by Friday!  But, don't forget to leave me an email or blog URL so I can contact back. 


Marvelous Things said...

What is the waist measurement on the skirt? I am usually a size 5/6 but I do have a size 4 skirt, so I am curious.

Oh no, I hope I don't look older than my age though! Thanks for the comment. You are older than me! hehe. I'll be 27 later in the year. My husband is 27 (his bday was January). I got married when I was 20 and gave birth at 23 and 25 to my sons. We had NO money when I got pregnant. In fact we were in a lot of debt. The Lord helped us out of that and gave my husband good job opportunities just recently where now he makes double what he used to, but even then we were able to provide for our boys. If you trust in the Lord, He will provide for your needs, so try to not worry too much about the economy, while I do understand how it is important to have it situated. Your finances may never be where you want them to be ever with or without kids, so if you truly do want to work on adding kids into your life, don't wait too long!

Marvelous Things said...

^oh, that's Justice Pirate. . .under my usual email address. I keep forgetting to sign into my blogger account for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I love the floral pastel dress.

LanguageTimothy said...

Wow your dress is beautiful!! :)