Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things I Have Never Done Before - One Day Dirty Hair

So I decided to start a small series of posts on things I have never done before.  Most of them are fashion-oriented so they make sense.  I came up with the idea after reading a post on Second Skin about not washing one's hair and using a dry shampoo in replacement.  Since I am constantly urged to wash my hair only every other day by the salon buyer at work, I thought I would finally give it a try.  I thought, if I can do this, maybe there are other fashions and trends that I am too stubborn to try that can work out too.  So, hence the post series idea.

So, my one day dirty hair was done on Saturday.  I have in the past not washed my hair for a day but I have to be honest that it is typically because I am cleaning or sick.  I have never actually done it purposely and styled it that way.  To ease the idea, I bought dry shampoo.  I asked around at work to find out the best one and I was told to use Oscar Blandi's Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo.  I was actually really amazed with it.  I think the only thing I didn't like was the smell which reminded me oddly of Lemonheads.  Not so bad considering it managed to work wonders on my dirty, oily hair. 

And yes, that is one of the dresses Meaghan sent me!


Modesty is Pretty said...

I just tried dry shampoo this week also because I'm trying to grow my hair long and I read it's good to not over wash it, however my scalp is terribly oily and I wan't 100% percent satisfies with the feeling of dirty head, especially after a sweaty workout, however I braided it and made a funky do where I wouldn't have to wear it loose and that helped a lot. =)

Second Skin said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! Oh my goodness! And I am sorry day two was difficult for you! I honestly think the only reason it worked for me was because I lightened my hair and its dry as the sahara. SO DRY. that Oscar Bandi (or whatever) stuff is the same that I used and I love the smell too. Your hair looks so healthy and pretty in these pictures! I hope you will be able to try again. Do you wear hats ever? You can always do a hat on day 3? Mel told me she sometimes just washes her bangs so maybe try that? Good luck though! It does feel sorta icky and stinky a little doesn't it though. eeew.

WILDasaMINK said...

I have the same hair issues you have! I only go without washing it if I'm not leaving the house at all! It's very difficult for me even on a Sunday when BF won't wait for me to take a shower if we're going to go grab a bite to eat or something; my babyfine hair gets oily so fast.
I've used the Oscar Blondi in the past and it does do wonders that's for sure-however, after having 2 consecutive bottles/cans of it explode in my purse and then render themselves useless-I decided to go with a cheaper, equally successful dry shampoo instead--it's PSSSTTT! You can buy it at drugstores for like $6. It's great too. However, in teh end, I really do'nt even like the dry shampoo results after about an hour of spraying it. So washing everyday is just the way I have to roll.
Goodluck! And I'm looking forward to more of your posts within this new little theme.

idée_géniale said...

First of all that dress is gorgeous on you!! Love love love.

Second, I love that you're trying out dry shampoo. Hoensetly, what I've told Christina is that you need to actually just condition your hair to stay clean. washing it everyday strips it of its natural oil so it builds them up right away. After a while of "conditioning" it to be dirty it won't produce as much oils. trust me, it's hard at first but now i'm down to washing my hair 2 /week, which I know sounds gross to some people but I do shower! (shower cap)

Third, you included some Nick Chavez styling clay in the last care package you sent me and it saved my life this week! I didn't realize that I was out of the usual Ojon paste that I use and then remembered your package and thought to myself, there MUST be something similar, and well, low and behold there was! I was so thankful!!!
Now that i've weitten a novel, i need to get to work!

Justice Pirate said...

I LOVE this dress!