Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Little Bit of Peacock

Cardigan: Forever 21
Blouse: Liberty of London for Target
Skirt: Zara
Heels: Aldo
Necklace: Vintage

I have to admit that this is one of my favorite shirts recently.  I think it is because I just adore the pattern.  It is so lively and it is turquoise (my favorite color).  I also like it because it is modest.  I know I have mentioned before about how I don't really wear anything too revealing.  Its not a religious thing or anything like that.  I just don't feel it necessary to show the whole world too much skin.  I have to say that it is sad sometimes when i find really cute skirts or dresses only to try them on and see most of my thighs.  Its just not something I am into.

That aside, tomorrow I am continuing my series on things I would never wear (and no, it won't contradict the above). 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit! I'm loving that shirt.

I have a hard time with super cute dresses too I find them way too short. I'm not comfortable showing a lot of skin and don't like to dress that way at work... I hope one day they make just above the knee dresses that are super cute!