Monday, December 21, 2009

Owls (Again) and a Letterpress

My obsession with owls probably started when I was about 10 and my brother gave me an owl stuffed animal.  Well, I shouldn't so much say he gave me as he taunted me with it since he tended to do that to me.  And although the real version of the bird creeps me out just a bit, I love them in every other way.  Especially in a print.

Dress: She Said...
Necklace: ModCloth
Jeans: Thrifted
T-straps: Crown Vintage of London
Belt: Target


Speaking of birds, I have found the most brilliant Etsy shop for some very unique and beautiful letterpress decor!  Their name is dutch door press and I have gone on and purchased some of their lovely birds and blooms of the 50 states collection. You can also visit their website Here


1 comment:

Leilani said...

It's funny, I never used to be into owls but I kept seeing them on blogs and at thrift stores/estate sales and ended up starting a collection by accident! Now I'm the proud owner of a side table with a base in the shape of 2 owls-- kind of amazing in a super kitschy way.

I really like how you belted the shirt/dress to make it more fitted. Those shoes are amazing too! :)