Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lara is just such a hipster...

Our lawyer (whose office is down the hall from my cube at work) called me a hipster because of my hat.  He and I have a lot of conversations on jazz because we both feel rather passionate about it.  He loves the likes of Miles Davis; I fancy the vocal greats like Etta James.  But jazz love is jazz love and it is rare to find other individual who feels the same way even if you differ in tastes.

I bought this skirt for a good price on Etsy a while back but this is the first time I am wearing it.  It is a BIT too tight on me by about an inch so I have to wake up knowing that if I am going to wear it, I have to be feeling that it is a "skinny day".  I love it so much though.  It's a vintage Pendleton wool plaid skirt with pockets.  despite the wool, it is actually a pretty light fabric and is perfect for summer.  I could not believe how many compliments I got on it.

Tank: Target
Skirt: Vintage Pendleton via Good Grace 
Necklace: Vintage Navajo
Wedges: BCBG
Hat: UO

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