Sunday, February 28, 2010


I apologize for my horrible blogging ability lately.  The world has just gotten so busy.  I sound like a broken record, I know.  However, I seem to have found time to shop because I have  bought so many wonderful pieces over the last few days.  Including this beautiful navy and ivory scalloped skirt from Anthropologie.  Usually I just walk into that store and try everything on but, never buy anything because it is too expensive.  But this skirt was amazingly 40% off!  I was so excited I wore it the next day to work!

Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Anthropologie
Leggings: Hue
Shoes: Target

Because the outfit was so dark, I went with classic makeup: neutral eyes, red lips.  The red lipstick is more of a berry but., it went well with the floral top without looking too spring (it is still 35 degrees here in Chicago).

Today was slightly different.  I spent the day with my best friend at the IKC Dog Show in Chicago.  Now, disclaimer: I don't like dogs.  I am a cat person.  BUT some of these dogs we just adorable!  My favorite was this little guy!



Latoya said...

Cute skirt! I can't wait till Anthropologie opens up at our local mall.

WILDasaMINK said...

You are so pretty--you look gorgeous in this floral top and the skirt; simply beautiful!
I also really love LOVE love that you went to a dog show--even if you are a cat person. I'm so a dog person and I would be so stoked if I ever got a chance to go to a dog show.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely cute skirt! Really gorgeous.

And yea, I understand the busy-ness of life. I started neglecting my own blog for a bit, just because I lacked ideas for what to blog. Now I've got ideas though. Yay! -- J.

Kathleen said...

Cute skirt, Lara!

Alyson said...

So, through the random string of clicking, I found your blog through a comment you made on a post about hair. I just wanted to stop by and say, I have really loved reading about your adventures and your outfits.

Anonymous said...

adorable skirt! Pretty red lips! Perfect! Has it stop snowing? I'm unsure how to pack for Chicago next week! Any good store suggestions?

lavelle said...

lovely outfit!

and thankyou for the wonderful advice!


Anonymous said...

To answer your question my official title is Logistics Operations Coordinator for the Organizational Development and Learning team at Delhaize Group. Basically I'm a glorified event planner. My company is based in Belgium, my boss and co-works all work there, because of this is spend about 50% of the year over there working. We are coming to Chicago to partner up with a company called Accenture to share business ideas... yad yad yad boring work stuff. I can't wait to get to Chicago, I've never been there!

Charmalade said...

That's such a cute scalloped skirt! And from Anthropologie, no less. :)

I read your comment about blogging over at Second Skin, and I have to say that I can relate: only one of my friends blogs, as far as I know, and I personally like searching out and finding people who have similar interests as me in fashion and whatnot.

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