Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spring Colors

Recently, I have become a fanatic with nail polish.  To the point where my poor husband has to give up half a bathroom drawer just for my Essie, OPI and China Glaze polish can reside happily.  Typically, my obsession with polishes sticks to the darker hues of blues, purples, greys and even greens.  However, I couldn't help but fall in love with the spring collections for 2010.  Full of beautiful candy hues and vibrant colors...they fit the spring trends perfectly.

China Glaze Up and Away Collection

Essie The Art of Spring Collection

OPI Hong Kong Collection


WILDasaMINK said...

can spring just get here already so we can all get manis/pedis!?! seriously....I want some candy colors on my toes!

My obsession w/owls has extended to family members buying anything and everything owl-related too. It's awesome actually!

Anonymous said...

Oh now I'm really wishing for spring! Come on spring! I'm the same with nail polish latley the Mr. is a little less than thrilled to see the tiny bottles everywhere in the house! Eck

Meaghan Kelly said...

ooooh i love this post! mostly because I used to be equally obsessed with painting my nails and then I started working a coffee shop this year (extra money - damn student life) and i'm not allowed to wear any!
so now i only paint them on weekends and it just isn't as fun knowing i have to take it off come sunday! :(