Sunday, December 27, 2009

Click your heels three times...

Lately I have just been so crazy about shoes.  Slightly due to a recent purchase and also because of a recent post from Q's Daydream Vintage.  So I just thought that because I didnt wear anything past yoga clothes and PJs today, I would just post some shoe fun.

The Muir Woods booties from ModCloth (I actually bought these)


Morph Pumps from FLY London (my new shoe love thanks to Q's Daydream!)

Pink Studio Jona oxfords from Ruche

Seychelles Pedestal Pumps


Aldo Teigen Mary Janes


jennieL said...

im dying to find the perfect pair of oxfords. btw you have the chicago diner! best vegan shakes ever! i love my midwest fattening food, even vegan style. sf is too healthy for me! (i'm from iowa actually!)

Rose said...

Hi, ive just come across your blog. I love these shoes, especially the first two pairs!