Friday, July 3, 2009

Independance Day

You know I have always been a sap for the 4th of July. Something about it just makes me feel proud to be American. And with all the craziness our country endures, all the media we choose to ingest on an everyday basis, putting a flag up and saying, "I am still an American and proud of it!" gives me the chills.

I think most of this was instilled in my veins at a young age hearing war stories from my grandparents and watching PBS shows with my father about various World War II battles. Somewhere around 11 I started my liking for the American pin up. Something about them always intrigued me. They stood beautiful, sexual and proud of the men who chose to go into battle, and face death, for this country. Perhaps women couldn't fight in the past but heck, they sure held a good purpose cheering on our men into battle....even if it was just a picture. And honestly, how could one deny the fabulous rompers and dresses they wore in all the pictures!

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Elegance Personified said...

These paintings are beautiful and vintage. So retro cool, they look like photographs.