Monday, May 18, 2009

The Herman Miller

So, in a futile attempt to decorate our new home, I am faced with some challenges but, none are so impossible as the fate of the 1960's Herman Miller chair that my fiance somehow managed to aquire from his late Grandmother during our college years...Ok it is not to say that this fantastic mod chair (ours is dark brown, not pee yellow) isn't comfy but, something about it irks me. Maybe it is because of its little metal legs that squeek and squeal at every attempt of sitting down believing you may, in fact, fall out, or maybe it is because my alma mater (University of Illinois at Chicago)was a Herman Miller playground; all the lecture halls were lined endlessly with rows and rows of brightly hued Herman Miller shell chairs.

Since I can not just chuck the Herman Miller chair out the door (as it is vintage, in perfectly fine shape, and a piece of Chicago history as it was salvaged from the UIC Campus and saved from the landfills), I plan to keep it and have it prously displayed in our office. My only concern is attempting decor to work with the chair. I think the only option is working with similar design. Luckily, my fiance is a product of the Illinois Institute of Technology and is also an architect so I am hoping to plan my office around that fact alone. One idea (that Chris is sort of grimacing at) is to mount some of his fantastic models on the wall. We will see how that will go over. Hopefully I am creative enough to figure that venture out.


July Stars said...

Fantastic chair, the colour is so perfect!

Antoinette McCray said...

Wow! Can u tell me how much this chair is worth. I really like this product.